• Tuna carpaccio with beetroot ice cream, watercress salad, and black crumbs 5.950,-
  • Smoked tenderloin with green-almond cream, tomatoes 5.750,-
  • Goose liver terrine with grape ragout, grape must jelly and raisin chocolate swiss bread 6.990,-
  • Broccoli tartar with beetroot cream and pickled broccoli 2.950,-
  • Plum salad with pumpkin, cashew nuts pine bud syrup 2.950,-
  • Salad with spelt and marinated ewe cheese 2.900,-
  • Red crab with oysters, coffee mousse and beetroots 4.950,-
  • Goulash soup from Hungarian Simmental beef 2.850,-
  • Duck consommé (with duck carpaccio, vegetables and semolina dumplings) 2.790,-
  • Zucchini cream soup with curry 2.350,-
  • Celery-apple cream soup, gorgonzola chips 2.690,-
  • Catfish paprika with ravioli (stuffed with cottage cheese and bacon), dill sour cream and bacon crisps 5.690,-
  • White cod with avocado cream, tomato salsa and rice balls 9.790,-
  • Salmon with spinach sauce, sesame hash brown, gorgonzola powder and smoked salmon 6.990,-
  • Chicken breast with almond-porcini sauce and sweet potato puree with orange 3.990,-
  • Duck breast with purple cabbage puree, honey gingerbread crumbs, currant jus and potato dumplings 4.950,-
  • Pork knuckle with savoy cabbage, spicy pumpkin cream, potatoes confit and dark beer jus 6.390,-
  • Water buffalo with Jerusalem artichokes, mushrooms, shallots and potatoes 4.950,-
  • Beef tenderloin steak with marrow bone, green beans with pancetta, paprika chutney and parsnip puree 200 gr / 12.900,- 400 gr / 24.000,-, 600 gr / 35.500,-, 1000 gr / 47.000,-
  • Rack of Moufflon with king oyster mushrooms, elderflower demi-glace and green walnut 6.450,-
  • Lemon fettuccine with squid, crème fraîche and parmesan 4.790,-
  • Tenderloin farfalle with radish, vegetables, bacon and Dijon mustard 5.950,-
  • Porcini mushroom risotto with rocket pesto and goose liver 6.450,-
  • Vegan chili with baby corn, fennel, grilled peppers and roasted tomatoes 4.790,-
  • Tomme de Montagne and Mothais with quince-pumpkin chutney 3.450,-
  • Pistachio strudel with pear cream 2.990,-
  • Fruit cake with quince, sesame-brittle ice cream 2.850,-
  • Bronze chocolate sphere with caramel-white chocolate mousse 4.250,-
  • Plum Flódni, Calvados ice cream with rosemary 2.850,-
  • Tapioca pudding with fruits 2.550,-
We will add 15% service charge to the final invoice.